The Project

AquaLedger will harness earth observation (EO) and advanced analytical techniques in order to collect valuable information about the marine environment and activities in relation to fisheries and aquaculture management while enabling its integration with a Blockchain/Distributed Leger Technology based platform towards improved and sustainable supply chain management in the fisheries and aquaculture sector.


  • Advancing the knowledge and expertise in DLT and EO convergence;
  • Definition of a service cases that use Earth Observation data to advance development of the distributed applications in SC (supply chain) management;
  • Demonstration of the value added of EO analysis to track and trace aquaculture commodities, as well as to verify and append transactions recorded in the blockchain;
  • Develop best practices in terms of use of geospatial data and access to EO products and services in supply chain management through the DLT/blockchain-based applications.

The WPs

WP1, Use Cases specification and feasibility assessment;

WP2, Use Cases Demonstration and Verification;

WP3, Evaluation and Impact Assessment;

WP4, Dissemination and Communication

WP5, Project Management





The activity is carried out under a programme of, and funded by, the European Space Agency under the Contract No. 4000134000/21/I-NB